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The Zombie Apocalypse of Undead Marcom Programs

October 31, 2011

Dave Anderson

Tonight is Halloween. My boys and I will be heading out as zombies, while my beautiful wife will be a slightly less repulsive pumpkin. I haven’t dressed up since college, but this year I was inspired by…

the Zombie Apocalypse of Undead Marcom Programs!

You see them staggering lifelessly through exhibit halls, their cold tradeshow tombs offering stale SWAG by uninspired crypt keepers. A sick stench pervades through their decaying website pages. Marcom programs festering with scary-bad press releases, half-dead media pitching, putrid ad copy, and decomposing sales  collateral.

Undead zombies are searching for brains and they won’t stop until your flesh is as rotten as theirs. But now is no time to lose your head. If George Romero has taught us anything, sanctuary can be just a farmhouse away. Sure, you can stay alive on meager rations for another month, but true survivalists know that a healthy revival strategy should extend beyond the next full moon. Breathe new life into your Marcom with a vigorous webinar, heart-pounding presentation at a top conference, vibrant thought-leadership program, and a soul-stirring lead-generation campaign.

Remember as you head out on the streets tonight, the only way to get rid of a flesh-eating zombie is to chop off its putrid head or feed it some brains.

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