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AI featured in CEO Blog Nation survey

May 24, 2013

Dave Anderson

In this week’s CEO Blog Nation survey, AI Founder Dave Anderson answers the Question: “Why Did You Start Your Business?”

5-24-2013 5-39-47 PM

The answer? To help healthcare stakeholders grow their business.

I suppose my story is not too different than most others: I saw a need in the marketplace so I filled it. For me, this means helping stakeholders in healthcare grow their business and contribute to a healthier nation. After nearly 20 years in public relations and advertising, I recognized that there were too many healthcare clients that wanted to increase their brand visibility and attract new sales leads, but they just didn’t fit into the traditional agency formula. Because of their tight margins and ambitious growth goals, agency retainer structures proved to be too restrictive by nature and as a result, many healthcare innovations couldn’t be effectively positioned nor receive the exposure they deserved.

When I started Anderson Interactive, I made a conscious effort to shape my business so it could to meet the budgets and individual needs of each client. But more important, I designed account structures to allow for a very fast turnaround of results, so each client quickly achieves the visibility they need to grow their business and do their part in contributing to a stronger healthcare system.

Visit CEO Blog Nation to learn more.

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