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HITMC 2018 Best Social Media Program Submission

Describe in Detail the Campaign:

Anderson Interactive (AI) is submitting the InstaMed social media campaign – which spans Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – for HITMC’s 2018 Best Social Media Program. AI signed InstaMed as a PR and social media retainer client in September 2016, taking over the reins for media relations and all social media strategy, writing, design and management. While InstaMed had a solid base of social media platforms, their content, designs and follower numbers were not at competitive levels, and turned to AI for direction.

After an extensive review of InstaMed’s existing social media channels, followers, customer segments and industry influencers, AI completely reconstructed social media outreach efforts, by incorporating major changes to posting content, design, frequency and timing. AI also reprioritized the focus and follower management of individual channels, and the balance of promotional/salesy posts vs. educational outreach. AI worked with InstaMed to develop and share more engaging content, while being a better steward of the industry by reposting valuable exterior content.


On a regular basis, AI continued to monitor the InstaMed accounts, and conducted first-hand research to determine the best times of day and the best days of the week to post for this unique healthcare audience.

Why Should This Win a HITMC Award?

Statistical data has always played a crucial role in the measurement of social media success, and nowhere has data so clearly shown explosive growth than with the rise of InstaMed’s social media channels. When comparing months before October 2016 (when InstaMed was driving social media outreach directly) to October 2016 through today (when AI was driving the program), the evolution has been staggering and the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Relevant Twitter followers added each month increased by 491%
  • Visits to InstaMed’s Twitter profile page each month increased by 309%
  • Overall impressions of InstaMed tweets increased by 184%
  • Number of LinkedIn posts distributed each month increased by 450%
  • Overall impressions of InstaMed LinkedIn posts increased by 1,100%

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