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HITMC Best PR Program 2019 Submission

Anderson Interactive (AI) is submitting the 2018 InstaMed Media Relations Campaign – developed to not only target the healthcare payments media in which InstaMed desires visibility, but to diversify our approach into healthcare to include more payer and provider-sector publications. InstaMed has great customer and partner stories to tell, and it was up to AI to extend their leadership voice to broader, untapped markets through the healthcare press.

The 2018 InstaMed media relations campaign included the identifying and securing of byline articles in key industry publications as well as offering InstaMed experts to beat reporters as sources where they lent their expertise on the trends impacting the healthcare space. From healthcare consumerism and payment innovations to interoperability in healthcare and the impact of regulations on the payer market, InstaMed lent their voice to many topics dominating the healthcare press in 2018.

Through our continued relationship building with key industry media, AI was able to extend the InstaMed brand and further the company’s reputation as an industry leader in the healthcare payments space through the placement of 60 feature media placements in 2018 which set the pace at almost doubling the company’s 2017 media coverage.

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