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Business Consulting

salesMost agencies excel at certain tactics — and it’s typically the “blocking and tackling” of PR and advertising. Account teams can churn out press releases and cobble together tired ad copy like there’s no tomorrow, but ask for something outside of their comfort zone and they look at you like you have two heads. It’s not their fault. Agency employees have been programmed to deliver a predetermined list of tactics that have been approved by agency leadership to drive AGENCY revenue. Since all clients are exactly the same, applying the same script of services will yield the same results, right?  Wrong!

Anderson Interactive understands that true communications success cannot be achieved using a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you have to evaluate and construct the full communications program based on the client’s overall business goals, which may include market/service/product evaluations,  partner and business associate relationships, as well as the measurement of actual sales against promotional investments. AI brings a business consulting approach to the typical agency structure, to solve the challenges that can’t be solved with a boilerplate.

Business consulting encompasses an exhaustive list of services but may include:

  • New market/product/service viability research
  • Strategic business insight
  • Existing customer/member evaluations and surveys
  • Analyst relations direction
  • Public affairs strategy
  • Association partnership and media sponsorship negotiations
  • Internal communication coordination
  • Recruitment support
  • Sales proposal development
  • Financial consulting
  • IT and web hosting evaluation and management
  • Sales results measurement

Learn more about Anderson Interactive’s public relations, social media and marketing communications services, or contact us today to learn more about AI’s business consulting services.